Opportunity to Support Fellow Veterans

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Veterans who have recently transitioned out of service are invited to participate in a national mental health The Make the Connection team is conducting virtual interviews with Veterans who have recently transitioned out of service and want to share their stories about seeking mental health treatment and overcoming their challenges. Interested Veterans must email outreach@maketheconnection.net […] continue reading »


VA FISHER HOUSE MONTHLY REPORT VA Hospital VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System Month April 2017 1. Occupancy rate: 22%_______ 2. Number of Unoccupied days due to construction, maintenance, or refurbishment: 0____ 3. Total number of families accommodated during the month: 37________ 4. Families of Active Duty Servicemembers accommodated during the month: 0_____ 5. Families of […] continue reading »

Keeping Families Together

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Fisher House Foundation 2020 FHF GTM H.png Hello Leonard, This year has reminded us all just how important staying connected is, no matter what that looks like. For decades, keeping families connected and together during medical care has been our primary mission, and that remains true despite the challenges of 2020. Thanks to you, we […] continue reading »