Fisher House Monthly Information for Nevada Veterans Foundation

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Month: February 2019
Occupancy Rate: 76%
Number of unoccupied days (unable to occupy due to maintenance, etc.): 23
Total number of families accommodated: 91
Number of Active Duty families accommodated: 0
Number of Post 9-11 OIF/OEF/OND Veterans accommodated: 4
The average length of stay for Active Duty families: 0
Number of new families accommodated: 33
Number of new individual guests: 71
Cumulative number of families accommodated: 421
Number of families checking out: 79
Number of lodging nights in community hotels funded by 501c3: 0
The average length of stay: 3.57
Number of families on the waiting list: 8
Number of lodging nights provided in community hotels funded by VA: 4
Monetary donations received by VA: $4,712.50
Monetary donations received by local 501c3: $2,100.00
Total fiscal year donations: $20,404.30
Number of hours volunteered: 140
Number of Volunteers: 13
Number of VCS Canteen Booklets distributed: 0
Number of new minor children accommodated: 2
Activities/special events: 2/13/19: Third Anniversary Annual Open House; 2/20/19: Meals and Snacks provided by Shadow Ridge High School National Honor Society; 2/25/19: Dinner provided by Shadow Hills Church; 2/26/19: Dinner provided by Wells Fargo; 2/28/19: Attended Spring Mountain Republican Women meeting to receive $1,500 donation check.