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VA Hospital VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System__ Month May 2018___

1. Occupancy rate: __58%______

2. Number of Unoccupied days due to construction, maintenance, or refurbishment: _0____

3. Total number of families accommodated during the month: __95____

4. Families of Active Duty Servicemembers accommodated during the month: _2___

5. Families of Post 9-11OIF/OEF/OND Veterans accommodated during the month: _0__

6. Average Length of stay for families of Active Duty Servicemembers accommodated during the month: _14__

7. Number of new families accommodated this month: _24__

8. Number of new individual guests accommodated during the month: _41__

9. Cumulative number of families accommodated: _615_____

10. Number of families checking out: 87___

11. Number of lodging nights provided through Fisher House Hotels for Heroes Program: _0______

12. Average length of stay: _3.03____

13. Total number of families on waiting list during the month: _0___

14. Families referred for accommodations in the community during the month: _0__

15. Monetary donations received by VA this month: _$480.00 _

16. Monetary Donations received by the local 501c3 this month: _$2,474.00__

17. Total fiscal year donations: _$46,674.54___

18. Number of hours volunteered: _169.25___

19. Total Number of volunteers: _12___

20. Number of VCS Canteen Booklets distributed to guests: _0____

21. Number of new minor children accommodated this month: _2__

22. Describe activities/special events held during the month: 5/7/18: Dinner provided by Spring Mountain Republican Women; 5/22/18: Breakfast provided by Capital One; 5/23/18: Dinner provided by Jewish War Veterans.

Submitted by: _Cadie Franco___ ______________ Date _6/13/18______
Fisher House Manager
Rev 10/2017

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